About Richard Voninski

Richard Voninski is a fine arts photographer based in Aurora, Colorado.


Travel pushes the envelope of my life. My travels give me the ability to meet people, experience different cultures and enjoy new landscapes. During my childhood years I remember viewing "antique" carousel trays of Kodachrome slides showing family and friends' travels. Hearing the global stories and seeing the pictures reinforced my desire to experience firsthand those faraway places. A lifelong passion for photography and travel was born. My family always placed travel as a priority and by age thirteen we traveled to forty states in the USA, most Mexican states and lacked only two Canadian provinces/territories. In my twenties we completed all states in the USA covering most numerous times, added more Mexican states and completed Canada. Today Veronica and I have explored 44 countries (and counting) and circled the globe many times in search of these photos.

The Technical:

Over the years I have experimented with numerous formats (35mm, 6x4.5, 6x7, and 4x5).

Today I primarily work with two primary photographic formats:

The 4x5 camera is one of my favorite tools to work with.  I like working with the 4x5 view camera since during the 5-20minutes it takes to take a single exposure it forces me to concentrate on an image, and follow a well-defined set of steps to create the exposure.  All B/W film is developed by hand in my darkroom with carefully calibrated developers and drum scanned in my studio.

The Sony A7RII, along with a collection of quality lenses, brings me into the exciting world of digital photography. Digital photography allows me to provide a new way for creating images unattainable using traditional 4x5 film based cameras.

The Gear:

If you would like to see the kind of gear I currently use (and some of the gear I used to use). Check out the gear webpage.


Travel and photography are my existence. Through this website you can peer through my camera's lens and see what I see on our planet.